Strategically located near the major ports, we offer our customers secure storage and warehousing facilities. These facilities enable us to store variety of goods including:

  • Household Items
  • Industrial Items

Dedicated to inventory management, our spacious store house is equipped with standard racking that are clean, well-marked with better protection arrangement.
The warehouses are fitted with electronic surveillance system and motion sensors that provides complete security to the stored items. All the incoming materials to the warehouse are stored properly after the inspection of the goods. We also have a separate warehouse with refrigeration facilities for storage of perishable goods.

We offer to our customers warehousing facilities for short period as well as for longer duration as per their requirement. Our safe housing services are available for secure storage of the products in a clean and protected environment. All the goods kept within are palletized box and are systematically labeled for easy identification. This arrangement enables us to access the product easily at any point of time.

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